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After years of continual experimentation, we identified the best quality potential of our grapes in the “Asinone” vineyard. The Nobile “Asinone” represents the highest expression of our production and the most accomplished synthesis between tradition, territory, and enological innovation. Obtained from Sangiovese grapes, it expresses a recognizable style and a defined character, but also has wide-ranging appeal to international palates.



Best vintages 100% Sangiovese. Other vintages include about 10% of Colorino and Canaiolo


16-18 months in French oak tonneaux.


approx. 25.000 bottles

Le viti di più di 30 anni (alcune hanno cinquant’anni) , che producono bacche di Prugnolo Gentile di ridotte dimensioni, il particolare microclima ed il terreno argilloso conferiscono al vino un carattere muscolare ben bilanciato da una grande eleganza in bocca

The selection


The 12-hectare Asinone vineyard is located at an altitude of 380 to 400 metres above sea level, on the south-south-west side of the road descending from Motepulciano to Torrita di Siena. The toponym Asinone derives from the vineyard’s characteristic donkeyback shape: the place was in fact already known by the name ‘Asinone’, which is also found on ancient local maps.he mappe locali.