Harvest 2021 has officially ended!

This was an important one for us here at Poliziano, as it will be the first one yielding 100% certified organic wines.
We have been bio-oriented on our vineyards for more than 10 years now, that is, we have been choosing the most ‘natural’ methods possible, testing different techniques and formulas year after year.

Little measures which slowly showed us a massive improvement in health and vitality of our plants, now able to be responsive to any external stimuli the vintage might bring.
This year the reconfirmation. After months of drought and temperatures above average, our vines demonstrated strength and great resistance.

Today, in 2021, we feel it’s time to get certified as a ‘statement’. We are in fact proud to present 100% organic wines with the same quality from the past 10 years, but with an evidently healthier environment and more sustainable products.

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