Asinone Asinaccio Caggiole - Terrazze Caggiole - Vignone Gracciano Valiano


Exposure: Sud/Sud-Ovest,
Altitude: 350- 400 m.s.l.m.
Geological Origin: Pliocene
Composition: Light brown clayey type sediments that often rest on compact sands. The composition is calcareous with a high concentration of calcium-magnesium phosphates, responsible for high mineral content.

Its shape in Tuscany is said to look like the ‘back of a donkey’ which gives it its name, which subsequently became one of the very first single vineyards in Tuscany and Italy.


Exposure: North/North-East
Altitude: 350- 400 m.s.l.m.
Geological origin: Pliocene
Composition: Silty clay with calcium and magnesium.

A clay-type counterfort above Asinone, specular in style, yet fresher.

Caggiole - Terrazze

Exposure: East
Altitude: 300-370 m.s.l.m.
Geological origin: Pliocene
Composition: Sandy with silty lenses and high calcium concentration.
Destined for Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Underneath Le Caggiole there are its terraces. They have the same origin, yet with fragmented compositions and altitudes.

Caggiole - Vignone

Exposure: East
Altitude: 350-370m.s.l.m.
Geological origin: Pliocene
Composition: Sediments consisting of coarse sands with the presence of pudding, sandstones and marine fossils. The composition of the sands is slightly calcareous with an important concentration of potassium and its salts.

Elegancy, verticality and tension. The area exposed East guarantees its own microclimate, mild and fresh, unique in Montepulciano, and since ancient times it was renowned to be particularly vocated for producing balanced and savory wines.


Exposure: South-West
Altitude: 290-310 m.s.l.m.
Geological origin: Pleistocene
Composition: Silty clays on pebbles and sands of Pliocene origin.

Gracciano is the area that frames the estate, hence one of the most ancient properties.


Exposure: West
Altitude: 320-350 m.s.l.m.
Geological origin: Pleistocene
Composition: Clays and fine sands.

The area of Valiano, more recent than the one in Montepulciano, is characterized by soft and tenuous tannins.